About us

Hi! We are Rob & Ashley.

Husband and wife Photographers and Filmmakers for families and the wildly in love.

Our joy comes from helping you press pause on a moment in time, helping you create a film or series of portraits that encapsulate the love between you and your family. This could be anything from morning snuggles and storytime to an adventurous sunrise elopement ceremony (yes… please!)

Editing work is a creative process, open to a world of trying new things and pushing the limits on what is possible… it’s all worth it knowing that the end result: a beauty gallery or film that captures who you are and the love you share.

We want to help you tell your story, the very essence of who you are — your uniqueness and personalities — and illuminate that as authentically as possible.


Who we are…

We met and fell in love as elementary school teachers.

We feel most at home in the Pacific Northwest amongst evergreen trees and overcast skies.  Olympia, WA is our home base. Portland wedding? Family photos on the coast? We are in. We will also hop in a plane if true love abounds or a darling family needs a film.

Ashley loves photographing sleeping cats, brides who don’t mind getting their wedding dress dirty, and toddlers with messy faces.

Rob is a sucker for old books, IPA’s, and he might politely ask you scoot over five-feet to capture an epic sun-flare for your film.

We are two friends who you invite over, and we just happen to bring our cameras.  

Give us a holler if you want to hang out!

-Rob + Ash


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